Comic books return with millennials through movies

By Eleni Pappas

In the bizarre land of Hollywood, the world of superheroes has become a gold mine for the film industry. In early 2000s, it made its most notable modern movie comeback with the X-Men, Dark Knight, and Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) trilogies, gaining more recent fame with with the Avenger movies and others like Suicide Squad.

More and more comic based movies are growing in popularity and reaching top grossing both in America and internationally. With the superhero movie rise has also come a tidal wave of new comic book readers, with nearly 50 percent of buyers being women (probably due to the Chris Vault, the group of similarly attractive looking actors named Chris that superhero movies seem to rely on).

Today, it’s not just movies converting to this trend. With Marvel ruling the big screens and Netflix Originals, DC Comics has shown a proclivity for hit TV shows. The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Gotham, have all quickly become fan favorites, and though the movies have been popular, they have not hit the mark with critics and most fans. Talking about hitting the mark, Marvel’s Agents of Shield and Agent Carter have also seen success, although Agent Carter will not being seeing a season three, so it looks like DC could use some catching up.

The whole dynamic between the top comic book film industries has put Marvel and DC fans at war, defending both their successful and unsuccessful endeavors. Just upon going on Instagram and other social media, you can see DC fans making fun of how clean and cheeky Marvel is or Marvel fans pointing out how unfulfilling DC movies have been in the past. Anyhow, all this is doing is fueling the fire that is the comic movie trend. More clamor equals more movies, more shows. Even die-hard fans of either DC or Marvel admit that they will still go see see the next movie of both in a heartbeat.

As the movies and TV shows are on the rise, so are the comic sales. Although shows take inspiration from the books, there is a lot of freedom in comic film and they go a little off script, making new fans eager to know more about the original. Since the rise of this trend, sales have gone up more than 265 million since 2000, according to Business Insider. More and more people are developing an interest in reading and buying comic books, causing sales to shoot up. It is also estimated two percent of the young adult population has picked up a comic book sometime in their lifetime and the number is still increasing. It looks as if the millennials are a growing generation of comic geeks.

With in-the-works movies such as Avengers Infinity War, Justice League, Wonder Woman, Thor: Ragnarok, and Dr. Strange that just came out in the United States, the excitement is far from over. Even non-comic book fans can plainly see: there is no stopping the trailblazing of the superhero cape — it’s comic book fan kryptonite.

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