Staff editorial: Hillary Clinton for President

Editor’s Note: The following is a reflection of the editorial board’s opinion, and is the same editorial that was published on Page 9 of today’s print edition of The Bagpiper on Nov. 4. 

Next Tuesday, Americans will make a long awaited decision that will drastically affect our lives over the next four years. We can either elect a man who has never held political office, or a career politician with over 30 years of executive experience which more than qualifies her for this office. Therefore, the Bagpiper Editorial Board endorses Hillary Clinton to be the 45th President of the United States.

Serving as first lady, the first female senator from New York, and Secretary of State, Clinton’s ample experience has more than prepared her to serve as president.

However, her opponent, Donald Trump, may be the most inexperienced candidate to ever run for the presidency. Showing consistent ignorance, racism, sexism, and overall lack of rationale displays why he is unfit for this position.

Clinton stands for a fair tax system that would make sure the wealthy, including herself, pay their fair share of taxes. She supports abortion rights, believes in a universal health care program that would offer affordable health care for all Americans, and plans to make college debt-free for everyone.

Throughout her career, Clinton has campaigned for women’s rights, minorities, children, the poor, and the LGBT community. Her ability to persevere and solve problems for issues that she cares about proves that she would be able to work productively in office with opposing political parties.

Meanwhile, Trump has made no effort to act presidential, and recently has only been adding more gas to the fire that he started himself. Trump’s repetitive statements on immigrants, his comments from 2005 regarding sexual assault, and failure to release his tax returns are all unpresidential behavior. His claim that the election is rigged and that therefore he may not accept the results of the election are, as Clinton said, horrifying.

Clinton is not perfect, though, as every career politician comes with flaws. Clinton’s decision to use a private email server while serving as Secretary of State was wrong and is a mistake  that disrupts her campaign.

No matter what, the next president to take office will be taking on extensive problems that arose near the end of the Obama administration. From combating ISIS in the Middle East, the continued war on terror, and relations with Russia, the values of democracy will undoubtedly be tested.

This country has waited long enough to elect its first female president, and Clinton has to be the one to make it happen. Casting a vote for Clinton means one step closer to solving the problems that our country faces, and making it an even greater country than it already is. We believe Clinton to be the most qualified candidate, and that regardless the outcome of the election on Tuesday we will stand by our decision with consequential pride.

3 thoughts on “Staff editorial: Hillary Clinton for President”

  1. Congratulations to the Bagpiper Editorial Board for a well written editorial with specific, researched support for their decision. Regardless of where one stands politically, it is heartening to see our students researching, writing, and applying critical thinking. They have shown professionalism in their work and chosen to take a stand regardless of impending flack. It’s good to know that this community will someday be in your hands.

  2. ” Clinton’s decision to use a private email server while serving as Secretary of State was wrong and is a mistake that disrupts her campaign. “. This mistake was not wrong, it was criminal. Citing that it disrupts her campaign, is minimalizing the risk it placed our country in
    Her 30 years in public service Included countless corrupt dealings,
    And hundreds of ruined associates that put their faith in her.

    Dismissing trump as having no experience is immature. He has 30 years of successful management and leadership experience. He is, of course, not without flaws. Or as you characterize Clinton, not perfect. But his love for our country, the constitution, and our freedoms is apparent in his platform, to protect our borders, select constitution Supreme Court justices, cut taxes for the middle class that pays 90% of the federal budget, cut waste and fraud and use money to improve our infrastructure and drain the swamp we so lovingly call Washington DC, term limits, to prevent the power brokers from usurping
    Our rights and freedom, restore our military, insure everyone that wants to work can have a job etc etc.

    Clinton wants to dictate to us what we need, what we think , where to go to school, what to eat for lunch and how much of our hard earned dollars she needs to socialize our democratic country.

    So glad we live in a country where everyone can have an opinion.

    Sara merritt.

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