FC hosts ninth district congressional debate

By Braden Schroeder

Last night ninth district congressional  candidates Shelli Yoder (Democrat) and Trey Hollingswoth (Republican) took the stage in the FC auditorium to debate and inform the community on why they are the best choice for office. 

Yoder, a native Hoosier and former Miss Indiana, opened the night explaining the importance of being a Hoosier and what that means.

“Growing up in rural small town Indiana I learned what it means to be a Hoosier. It means cooking a meal for your neighbor whenever they’re sick. It means picking up an extra shift at work in order to pay for your kid’s school trip.It means helping out a friend and their small business, in order for them to give their kids a good life.”

Despite the goal for the debate to stay strictly to the questions, it quickly moved into attacks from both candidates toward the other .

Hollingsworth focused on getting a genuine representative into Washington and stated he “wants someone who feels in their bones the problems that we have every single day.”

His goal of staying genuine was quickly countered by Yoder, who once again brought to attention that Hollingsworth had not yet released his tax returns still a year after moving to Indiana.

“I have called on my opponent to release his tax returns because that is genuine. Because you just moved here a year go in order to run for this seat in Congress,” said Yoder.

As a businessman originally from Tennessee, Hollingsworth emphasized the importance of breaking the commitment to status quo politicians and getting an outsider into office.

“We need to focus on the commitment and the change we all know that needs to be made. I don’t want more status quo politicians like Shelli Yoder or Hillary Clinton who support that same old tired agenda that hasn’t worked for years and hasn’t worked for America,” said Holllingsworth. “We have to get results out of Washington. Results that people are committed to; results that a made by real experience.”

Even though the two candidates disagreed on the majority of the topics, they both agreed that Hoosiers need to have true representation Washington.

“This election is going to come down to making a choice, and I am committed to making sure that this district has someone in Washington watching out for the interest of this district,” said Yoder.


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