Boys’ cross country team looks to build on successful season

By Miranda Legg

With focus and determination, members of the boys’ cross country team looked for the finish line during last week’s cross country meet at Saint Xavier.

As this year’s season gets underway, the team looks to their seniors to lead them to the right direction.

“As seniors we’ve all grown up a little bit and we have definitely taken on more responsibilities in helping out the younger or even less experienced guys. If any of us see anything going wrong we’ll be sure to help out or help pick up whichever teammate it is that’s feeling down or feeling the cross season fatigue,” said senior Chance Schickel. “I’d say personally my message for the new guys coming in that is that it doesn’t start out fast for everyone, but you just have to trust the grind and the results will come.”

Because of the grind that the boys put in, members of the team such as senior Sam Owings believe the team will build on top of last year’s season.

“Winning conference and having a fun last year with my team is one of my biggest expectations for this year,” said Owings.

In order to have the season they desire, they have to do a number of things in order to be ready for their meets.

“We do a series of workouts, building stamina, and strength through the week along with speed workouts,” said freshman Wesley Jenkins.

Schickel elaborated on how intense some workouts can be.

“We run regular mileage on Mondays with Tuesday and Thursday workouts, mixing in speed with longer cardio work. We run maintenance (slow medium mileage for recovery) on Wednesday and pre-race easy low mileage Friday with build up strides on the football turf. Saturday’s are usually workouts with Sunday’s being long runs,” said Schickel.

Before the boys can consider the season as successful, they first have a large obstacle to overcome: sectionals. 

“Sectionals is the biggest and most important meet for us, because from there we can advance to regional, semi-state, and then to state,” said freshman Wesley Jenkins.

Although the team competes in several large meets with multiple schools, conference is an attainable goal the team is aiming for.

“We are trying to win conference this year. However, the meet with the most schools is the Trinity Invitational, which has schools from all over the country and is one of the biggest in the nation,” said Owings. 

Altogether, whenever the end of the season rolls around the team will do their all to keep surviving another week in hopes of advancing to state. 

“We have to race the absolute best teams in our region and compete at a high level if we want our season to advance another week,” said Schickel. “That extra motivation of not knowing if your season is going to be over or not really makes you rely on your training so that you can compete at the highest level possible to represent FC.”

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