Riley Relation brings out emotional side of FCDM

One of the most important committees to FCDM, the Riley Relations Committee, junior executive council member, Inaara Ladha explains the purpose of Riley Relations.

“FC raises money for Riley’s Children’s Hospital, but the riley relations committee makes sure that all of the riley children’s families get down to FCDM. We act as a direct connection from FC to Riley’s Children’s Hospital,” said junior executive member Inaara Ladha.

Riley Relations has reached out to many families, each with their own individual stories.

“My daughter Mia is 18, she’s been a riley kid since she was six months old. She had a brain tumor and went through radiation, she ended up stroking three years ago,” said Riley parent Keri Benge.

FCDM warms the hearts of both the children and their families. Riley parent Keri Benge expressed her appreciation for FCDM and the students who attend it.

“I think it’s amazing. This is our second year coming back to FCDM and we love to watch the kids, and how many that show up here to dance for other Riley kids like my daughter,” said Benge.

Not all of the Riley Children are actual children, cancer survivor Cleat Winkler, was a Riley kid back in 2008 and still pays his respects in visiting the hospital that saved his life.

“When I was 14, I was diagnosed with brain cancer, and my family doctor told my family that I should go to Riley’s Children’s Hospital and I went through brain surgery to remove the tumor then. I was in the ICU when they decided to start my actual treatment which was a variety of radiation and chemo.” said Cleat.

These stories are what bring the emotional side out of FCDM. They show the realities of the families and those they are raising money for.

“The stories bring that emotional impact to FCDM, if you ask multiple people they’ll tell you FCDM is the most emotional night of the year, and we do that by bringing everyone together for these families,” said Ladha.

Thanks to the student body, FCDM raises an expansive of money for the cause.

“Over the past six years we have raised over $250,000, our goal for this year is $100,000 so we’ll see how that goes,” said Ladha.  

So far it seems that FC will meet its goal of $100,000 this year.  

“We have raised over $50,000 so far and plan to gain more than that,” said freshman Riley Relations member Madelyn Lopp.

Riley Relations has shown the student body what they raise money for, and why Riley’s Children’s Hospital works so hard for the kids.  

“We’re trying to show FC why we do FCDM, we are not just here to eat food and have a good time, we’re here to celebrate the hope that the hospital gives,” said Ladha.






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