Technology advances outreach of FCDM

By Madi Brown

Live Twitter feeds, Instagram accounts, Snapchat stories, and more publicize the annual FCDM. Whether it be Radio/TV or Digital Media, someone is covering at all times to get information out to the community. 

Social studies and technology teacher Katrina Uhl explained how technology has been useful for FCDM.

“This year we added media relations as an FCDM committee so that has allowed us to reach out to the community through our web page, Twitter and Instagram.”

Radio/TV teacher Jake Minton explained why technology and social media are beneficial for the event.

“Technology and social media make it easy to get to so many people all over the world and play a huge role in recognition for FCDM,” said Minton.

Uhl shared a new way they are keeping everyone connected to the event, whether or not people are attending. 

“There is a live Twitter feed going on where anyone can go to with #FCDMWARS16 right now,” said Uhl.

This live Twitter feed came with no expenses, and thanks to donators, neither did any of the other equipment. With generous donations from both local businesses and nearby schools, FCDM is able to take people by storm with everything from giant projectors to brand new sound systems.  

“All of our equipment was donated, a lot from Maxwell’s House of Music, and the rest from Corydon High School,” said Uhl.

According to freshman Carter Phillips, who photographed today’s event for his Digital Photography class, technology has helped with publicizing FCDM, and it has also helped capture the moments of it that show the true meaning of it.

“We try to get pictures of expressions on people’s faces, the excitement and the emotional impact that people feel from FCDM,” said Phillips.

Even though there are people who cannot attend, Minton explained how social media has made it easier for all people to be able to donate regardless.

“Radio and TV makes it easy to access FCDM coverage that way if people can’t make it out to dance marathon people can still donate,” said Minton.

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