FCDM offers unique live entertainment

By Karli Coleman

During FCDM, the strums of an electric guitar and the raspy voice of the lead vocalist are heard above the laughter and chatter.

FCDM is not only a fundraiser with a cause to donate and dance for; it also offers entertainment for its guests. Live music is just one of the forms of entertainment provided at the event.

Three students who share the same passion for music came together to perform live at FCDM. One student, vocalist and guitarist senior Kingsley Hall, shared how he got the gig.

“Mr. Townsend asked me if I would be interested in performing at FCDM one day when I had brought my guitar to school,” said Hall. “I figured it would be a great cause to perform for,  so I accepted the offer.”

The second student, bassist junior Jared Farnsley, explained how they had been practicing since learning about the gig.

“I’ve been practicing music with [Hall] for a couple of months,” said Farnsley. “One day, he said that he got us a gig at FCDM and we have been practicing nonstop for weeks since then.”

The guitarist, junior John Nugent, stated that they enjoyed rocking out to a good cause.

“I love jamming out, and performing for a good cause is just a bonus,” said Nugent.

Nugent said he has never performed together for such a busy, enthusiastic crowd before. He shared how he learned things he can improve on from the experience.

“Performing for FCDM has taught me that I have stage fright, and that I still have a lot of things to work on, musically,” said Nugent. “I improvised everything I did and I’m still in shock that the crowd enjoyed it this much.”

Hall emphasized the importance of practice, especially for important events such as FCDM.

“We didn’t get to practice as much as we wanted to,” said Hall, “but I think everything went smoothly enough. Practice is important though, and now I know how to prepare myself better for the next time.”

Farnsley shared his thoughts on FCDM and the possibility of performing for the event again in the future.

“FCDM is a really good cause, and I happily support it. I would gladly do this again next year,” said Farnsley.


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