Mockingjay Part 2 concludes trilogy

by Allie Lincoln

“The end.”

Those were words I honestly wasn’t ready for as I sat down in the movie theater ready to watch the absolute final moments of the books I had grown so fond over. Even though there were only three books and four movies, they still had been a part of my life since 2012. In those four years, I had learned everything I possibly could about Katniss. She was an pre-teen inspiration for me, and it didn’t seem real that she was about to fight her last battle on screen.

Mockingjay Part 2 began exactly where Part 1 left off. It was the continuation of a revolution, and District 13 had finally managed to rescue The Boy with the Bread, Peeta Mellark, from the Capitol where he was held captive for all of Part 1. Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss) and Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) did not disappoint when portraying these emotional scenes together. Both their characters had changed drastically in such a short period of time, and they were able to display this both in the way they said their lines and through facial expressions.

Although these emotional scenes hit the mark with Peeta and Katniss lovers, everything else seemed like one huge war. If there was not some huge romantic moment going on, it was just fight, after fight, after fight. Everyone knows Jennifer Lawrence can show her true feelings when acting in a crisis situation, but there is only so much a director can do with constant action. I think if Francis Lawrence, the director, had chosen to keep Mockingjay as one whole movie, it would not have dragged so much at times. He may have had to cut some scenes out of the film that were in the book, but I do not think the fans would have been disappointed. There is a deadly war in each of the Hunger Games books, but it’s the character relationships that keep the story interesting and relatable to teens.

Teen novels seem to be doing this lately. Harry Potter and Twilight both split their last book into a two-part movie. Although this may seem like a trend, hopefully film directors will get the hint that the latest trend may not be the best option.

This slow-moving film had issues here and there, but it truly did give Hunger Games fans the conclusion they needed after sticking with Katniss from the beginning. It is really hard to say goodbye to such an iconic character. Katniss taught me that it is okay to protect the ones we love. She helped me through those ugly middle school years by giving me the image of the person I wanted to become. Although saying goodbye is hard, there are worse games to play.


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