Donating to two can Tuesday offers benefits for students and community

By Abbigail Wilson

Jennifer Gohmann walks down the hall in her toucan costume. The clanking of her heels can be heard before she is even seen. Her voice is full of stern encouragement.

“Mrs.Gohmann will dress up like a toucan and run around so people bring them in,” said junior Bailey Roney.

Gohmann said student council decided to take on two can Tuesday because they desired to.

“Student council wanted to do a service project,” said Gohmann. ”That is what they choose.”

Roney said one of the reasons student council intended to organize two can Tuesday was because they would like to receive more than the previous year.

“We want to beat our goal from last year. We wanted to set new goals and reach them,” said Roney.

Freshman Ethan Thomas said student council wanted to help people that are not able to supply food for their own family.

“It goes to the soup kitchen,”said Thomas. “They help people eat and fill their stomachs.”

Sophomore Brenna McFerran said the plan was formed because it is a simple way to get people to interact.

“It’s an easy way to help people in the community by getting people involved,” said McFerran.

Thomas explained that there are teachers that do extra credit, but also a few that don’t offer the extra credit.

“If you bring it in for extra credit, you take it to that teacher, and then turn it in during lunch. Some teachers don’t do it, though, ” said Thomas.

Gohmann said she would like to think that people give cans to help, but they bring them in most likely for extra credit.

“I like to believe that they do it to help the needy and hungry, but realistically for the incentive,” said Gohmann.

Senior Logan Gilland said students carry cans to school to aid people in need and to get prizes.

“They bring in cans to support local food pantries and to win gift cards,” said Gilland.

Thomas explained the way the ticket system for the gift cards work.

“However many cans you bring in equals how many tickets are put into the drawing,” said Thomas. “So if you bring in the two cans, then you get one ticket, if you bring in six cans, then you get three tickets.”

Gohmann said bringing in cans makes students realize how much they have compared to the people they help.

“It makes us think of how fortunate we are and that maybe we could help others,” said Gohmann.

Thomas agreed with Gohmann that we have a good life and we should donate.

“It helps people in need and they need it more than us. We are pretty privileged,” said Thomas.

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