Boys’ basketball team prepares for Green and Gold Scrimmage tonight

by Quinn Fitzgerald

Throughout the gym, multiple pairs of basketball players practice shooting while a group in one corner of the gym dribbles basketballs in place. On top of that, another group dribbles around metal chairs lined across the gym next to yet another group that runs a shooting drill involving even more chairs.

The boys’ basketball team will be hosting the Green and Gold Scrimmage tonight at 6 p.m. with a chili dinner before it at 5:30 p.m. U.S. history teacher and head coach Todd Sturgeon gave the lowdown on what to expect during the scrimmage.

“The seventh graders are going to scrimmage, the eighth graders, the ninth graders and then the varsity and the JV (junior varsity) will scrimmage. The middle school cheerleaders and Dazzlers are going to perform. The high school cheerleaders and Dazzlers will perform,” said Sturgeon.

In addition, there will be various entertainment before the game for the fans like music and contests.

“I think there’s a free throw contest for fans that come to the game. They’re giving away some nice miniature basketballs for people participating in that. They’re going to have a little jam session, and then not quite a dunk contest per say, but after everybody gets warmed up, four or five guys we’re going to let them dunk and put on a little bit of a show for a few minutes for the kids,” said Sturgeon.

As for the scrimmage itself, sophomore Jake Canter explained we he feels the scrimmage will be valuable for the team and community.

“It is very important from an aspect that it fuels us to know that we have the support of our community and it boosts our confidence as we move into the season,” said Canter.

Sophomore Luke Gohmann explained what the purpose of the scrimmage is.

“The Green and Gold Scrimmage is a way for our fans to get a first look at our team this year. Also, it is another way for us to fundraise to support our program,” said Gohmann.

Cantor hopes to be able to become acquainted with his teammates from the scrimmage.

“What I expect to get out of it [the scrimmage] is to get to know my team a little bit better and see how well we will bond this year,” said Canter.

“Well we have a very short amount of practices prior to our first game. We only have two weeks before our first game, so this just a rehearsal I guess,” said Canter.

Gohmann shared what he looks forward to from the scrimmage and the season overall.

“The scrimmage is a great way to have fun with your teammates. It’s always great to see the fans supporting you in games, but most importantly, it is a great feeling throwing on the Floyd Central jersey,” said Gohmann.

Sturgeon shared how the scrimmage will benefit the team, specifically the opportunities it provides the coaches and players.

“We get a chance to come out, put on our uniforms and see how we do this first time. For coaches it’s a chance to evaluate players and see what combinations we need play together, and for the players I think it’s an opportunity to get out in front of their friends and family show them what they can do.”

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