Marching band earns fifth place at state competition this past weekend

by Analise Book

This past Saturday, the Highlander Band and Emerald Guard marched their way to the Lucas Oil Stadium where they competed at the Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA) State competition for the seventh consecutive year.

Although the band did not finish as well as they had hoped to, they believed this season overall has been one of the most successful seen in recent years. Their enigmatic theme and months of hard work helped them receive 5th place at the competition. 

Senior Yuriko Tashiro is displayed on the big screens as she leads the band in their performance. Photo by Christine Scharrer.
Senior Yuriko Tashiro is displayed on the big screens as she leads the band in their performance. Photo by Christine Scharrer.

“I was a little disappointed [with the placement] because we had such a great season, but [I am] still super proud of the band being a part of the top five bands of the state,” said sophomore Nick Huber. 

Some saw the placement as having both positive and negative aspects, agreeing with the fact that they still remain in the top five and came second in the polls leading up to the event.

“I would say [it is] positive because we are still in the top five. Then negative because we all felt like we deserved better because of all our hard work,” said freshman Tori Floyd. “As a whole I believe we have come a long way this season and we have worked hard and that’s all that matters.” 

Other members of the band agreed that they have put a significant amount of work into this season.

“At first I was really disappointed [with the placement]. We’d been ranked pretty high all season and last year we got fourth [place] so I was expecting about third [place],” said junior Sydney Forler. “I’ve since realized that the placing isn’t what matters, it’s how successful the season was. We hit some milestones this season, and I personally improved leaps and bounds. So no matter the placing, I’m still very proud.”

Despite their score, the Highlanders predict they will be a force to reckon with in the future.

“We put a lot of hard work into this season and became a band that people will remember in the years to come,” said sophomore Alex Hatton.

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