Q & A With Radio/TV teacher Jake Minton

Q. What is your previous Radio/TV experience?

A. “I went to Western Kentucky for television. It was my second year that I got into radio, and I found out it was all personality. Television is more structured, more rigid and less personality. I found that radio fit my personality better because I don’t take myself very seriously. I found out very quickly that radio was my path so I haven’t done anything with television since college.

I worked at a ESPN radio station in Bowling Green. That was my first job. It was 23 hours of syndication, one hour of live radio, and a 60- minute sports talk radio show. I loved it that way. Then, I moved home and quickly found out that there is not a lot of talk radio in the city and what is available is fully staffed. So, I just put feelers out to every radio station in the city, and I got a call from WDJX. I was hired on super part time and slowly climbed my way up the ladder. I, for the past five and a half years, have been the promotion director for the station.

The past three years, I have been the night show host, seven to midnight on weekdays. I was with DJX for eight years. I always thought about teaching. Then, this job came along and it was perfect; I jumped at the chance.”

Q. What kind of shape do you think our program is in ?

A. “I think the program itself is in excellent shape. The facilities are great; they’re immaculate. They are better than [the facilities at] a lot of colleges. I think what I bring to the table is a different philosophy to the radio station. The quality of the radio station is good, but I would like to raise that bar very high and I’ve already started in that.

I’ve talked to a lot of the first years and upper classes about the quality of the content I want on the air. We are moving toward voice tracking as well. Beginning Monday, we will have a Floyd Central student in the air 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When it is not our day to broadcast, we’ll stream the station so we’ll have the airways filled with our students. As far as television goes, I want to get some short form program and long form programs so it’s not just the rotating ads or graduation film.”

Q. Do you have any background with journalism ?

A. “Yes, as part of the broadcast major at Western I had to take a fair amount of Journalism classes. We learned things like writing, interviewing, style, and content. It wasn’t as heavily focused on journalism, but I have some journalism experience, yes.”

Q. What do you enjoy about teaching ?

A. “I’m very passionate about my subject and I’m very excited to hopefully encourage that passion in the students. I do have a lot of field experience so hopefully it’ll show how amazing the industry is. Radio, television, it’s ever evolving.”

Q. How do you describe your teaching style?

A. “I like to think that I’m a fun teacher because it’s a fun subject. I am not afraid to be strict, though. I think I’m a fair teacher, but my main thing is respect for me, for each other and respect for yourselves.”

Q. How do you feel about teaching here at FC for your first year of teaching?

A. “Given the facilities, I feel fantastic. Every teacher I’ve talked to, every administrator I’ve talked to, every staff member I’ve talked to, they have been great. They’re very friendly and welcoming. I’ve heard a thousand times, ‘If you need anything, just ask.’ It’s been great. A facility like this is amazing to be around because it allows one to teach so much more. We have all the equipment and it’s a hands on experience. It’s getting that equipment in your hands and knowing how to use it. I feel great about teaching here. Like I said, the students are great, my first impression is great. I’m thrilled to be here.”

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