Marching band prepares for “six sided” season

by Analise Book and Allie Lincoln
photos by Analise Book

Over a hundred students rush from the field anticipating their much needed water break after hours of running the exact same section of the show over and over again. The scalding sun beats down on senior Josh Poynter’s already sunburnt skin.  However, he is able to endure these long weeks in order to be able to hold his position in a group of well over 150 of his peers.

“FC’s marching band has spent the past couple of years on its way up, and I think this group is perpetuating that just fine. Some of the musical and physical demands in this show are challenging to say the least, and everyone’s usually on point,” he said.

Band director Harold Yankey knew to expect more from the kids this year, but directing the largest band in their history has shown how much these students want to succeed. He  believes this year’s space-aged theme will help the group’s audience appeal.

“We’re still trying to be exciting and entertaining to watch, but also competitive for our group, too. Finding that balance between audience enjoyment and seriousness is difficult, but we try to get there,” said Yankey. “Lets just say there will be some aliens running around on the field,” he teased.

The theme this year, called The Hexagon, is quite different than what the band has done in past years.

“I’m not exactly sure what The Hexagon is or what it means, but I think that’s supposed to be the point. It’s a really cool space show with an ambiguously enigmatic theme and it’s completely genius,” remarked Poynter.

Junior Alleson Estar further explained the distinctive theme saying that the guard and percussion groups are members of the band from the future attacking the band’s “spaceship.”

“The entire show is a battle between us. At the end [the band] finally learns the ways of the future,” she said.

The guard, along with the props and uniforms, will be different this year, too.

“The color guard are aliens,”said sophomore Hannah Fults. “Something unique about this year is we are spinning half hexagons.”

Members of the band believe the unique theme will be what helps them to place at state during their competition season.

“We’re trying to place better than last year, but we can only do the best we can do. Someone else makes that decision,” said Yankey.

The Hexagon may seem complicated, but the work ethic of the group remains high and the students have advanced greatly since their first practice May 19. This advancement only shows how dedicated they are to potentially placing higher.

“We’re working harder and progressing quickly. Hopefully we’ll continue the energy level we’ve had since the beginning of the season,” said sophomore Moriah Striegel.

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