Senior studies in the classroom, sings on stage

By Karli Coleman

Photos by Karli Coleman

Red and blue lights flash upon senior Zayne Hutchison as he walks across the stage. Roars of cheering ripple through the crowd as Hutchison grabs the microphone and begins belting out his first song.

On Friday Aug. 7 at the Headliners Music Hall, fans from all across Kentuckiana came to watch Hoosier, a beloved and renowned local band, perform.

“I joined Hoosier about four years ago,” said Hutchison. “I saw the movie School of Rock and I wanted to be just like that. I fell in love with it, so I joined a band.”

Hutchison is not just a student. He performs as the lead singer in the local indie rock band. Bandmates said Hutchison is a character with a stage performance that electrifies any crowd. He brings the venues that he performs in to life with his eccentric authenticity and energy.

“Zayne is just a natural frontman. He’s always comfortable with the crowd, and he has a fantastic voice,” said guitarist Jeremy Mullins, who has been working together with Hutchison in Hoosier for four years.

Other band members collectively vouch for the fact that Hutchison is an impressive and talented singer that brings a lot to the table for Hoosier as a band.

“He’s very talented, and he brings a stage presence that I don’t think anyone else could do for Hoosier,” said drummer Andrew Olson.

Mullins explained how Hutchison is not only a talented performer and singer, but he is also a valuable bandmate.

“Zayne is an amazing bandmate. He’s more like a brother than a bandmate,” said Mullins. “I couldn’t ask for a better person to perform by.”

According to his bandmates, besides his stage presence, Hutchison has several other assets that make him a talented musician. They find Hutchison’s voice range to be special, and it gives Hoosier its own distinct sound that differentiates it from other bands.

“He’s got a pretty good vocal range, he can hit some notes that most people can’t,” said bassist Jake Vanover. “He has a unique voice, which is what really makes it for Hoosier.”

Collectively, the band agrees that Hutchison is a talented and unique asset to their band, and that on top of it all he is a great companion.

“Zayne is a great bandmate, and a great friend,” said Olson. “He doesn’t try to take control of things as a frontman; he lets the band flow together and do its own thing.”

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