Turkey bowl invites friendly competition among upperclassmen

By Rachel Lamb

The parking lot was full, players were anxiously awaiting 7 pm, and the students section was eager for the game to begin. Students were quickly getting motivated and preparing to kick the new school year off with a friendly competition.

Turkey Bowl is a flag football game between the incoming junior and senior girls held annually before the first day of school.

“Turkey Bowl is a fun way to start the new school year. It brings a fun competition between grade levels so we all have something to bring us together,” said senior Emily Keenan.

Keenan said she chose to play Turkey Bowl because she wanted to make her last year of high school memorable.

“Senior year makes turkey bowl a little bit more special because it is the beginning of our final year,” said Keenan. “We have only been a team for a short amount of time, but we came together and that will always stick with us.”

Turkey Bowl is not all about the seniors though; junior Emma Pappas explained how the juniors bring just as much competition to the table.

“I came into the competition and expected to meet more people in my class so we could establish a team bond that would help us defeat the seniors,” said junior Emma Pappas.

Pappas entered the competition for a different reason than Keenan.

“I used to play flag football all the time when I was younger and I loved it,” said Pappas. “I have been waiting six years for my turn on the field.”

History teacher and junior coach William Russell said he enjoys competition between the two grades, especially because they both have the same goal, which is to win.

“I like getting to compete. We have all worked hard, came together and put our hearts into something,” said Russell.

Mathematics teacher and senior coach Becky Cambron agreed that all players put their heart into it, but the seniors had a better idea of what they were doing on the field.

“Your first year doing turkey bowl you don’t know what to expect, but the seniors do,” said Cambron. “The seniors had more heart.”

At the end of the game the seniors walked away winners, defeating the juniors 26-0.

“We knew what it was like to lose since we lost last year, so we wanted to win and we did. We had to prove ourselves,” said senior Madison Kerley.

Many students enjoy the competition turkey bowl brings every year, but at the end of the game the experience is what matters.

“I do turkey bowl for the experience. I like to look back and see I tried something new and remember all of the fun I had when playing the game,” said Keenan.

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