Camp of Champs dribbles young players to success

by Amber Bartley

A loud buzzer sounds as coaches yell, a lone basketball bounces away and some determined and exhausted kids do five more push-ups.

For three days, FC has become a temporary home to former University of Louisville players Peyton Siva, Russ Smith, Luke Hancock and Tim Henderson. Tim Barnett and former FC basketball coach Mark Lieberman run and coach the camp. Younger “ballers,” ages six to ten, take the court from 9 to 11 while older players go from 2 to 6 in the afternoon.

“When you have Peyton, Russ, Luke, and Tim around, it means a lot to all these kids. It’s special because the instruction that these guys give them when they’re around the whole time, it’s a memory that these kids will never forget,” said Lieberman.

Siva said he likes to see the campers interact with some of the players they grew up watching.

“I enjoy the excitement of the kids. I just get a chance to really hang out with them and play alongside of them. They came to a lot of our games when we played at Louisville. It just gives them a chance to be up close and personal and enjoy playing on the court with us,” said Siva.

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