Students look towards the future

By Rachel Lamb

Green caps and gowns are everywhere in sight. Over 400 chairs are lined up. Students are anxiously awaiting for their name to be called. The day is coming and graduation is almost here. However, their education has not ended, or has it?

According to, only 68 percent of high school graduates attend college directly out of high school. Other students choose a different future for themselves.

Students that choose to not go college or wait a couple years before going to college have a wide variety of options and different pathways they can choose from.

Some students, such as senior Gabrielle Rodriguez, have already enlisted into the military.

“I enlisted April 2 of this year and will be leaving for boot camp on Oct. 6,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said she is still going to college, but she is choosing to enlist first because of the support she will be provided from the Navy Corp.

“They will help me pay for my college because I will still be visiting once a month and continuing to do what I can,” said Rodriguez.

Senior Grant Mitchell is also enlisting in the military.

“Joining the military is one of the best scholarships you could get,” said Mitchell. “You would be a fool not to jump onto the opportunity.”

Other students are looking to dive directly into the work field without going to college.

“I started working at Kentuckiana Trucking after fall break,” said senior Taylor Bye. “I believe the area of work I am going into does not require you to have a college degree.”

Bye has high hopes in continuing his career in the automotive industry.

“I’m hoping to eventually get on a Ford truck plant in Kentucky because I would like to work on cars the rest of my life,” said Bye.

Senior Sam Stermer is joining Americorp, a program in which people participate in that have an incentive to volunteer.

“I haven’t decided about college yet so instead of doing nothing, I decided to join Americorp because I enjoy helping others,” said Stermer.

Stermer said he wants to eventually go to college, but his interests are limited.

“I have interests in psychology and economics, but I am not sure if I want to major in those subjects,” said Stermer.

Senior Cheyenne Bostock is one of the few students that have chosen to get a head start and prepare early for college.

“I work as a nursing assistant now, but I am working on becoming a registered nurse,” said Bostock.

Bostock said getting a head start has greatly impacted her and the future she potentially has ahead of her.

“I feel like this is a great place to start and I’m already getting a head start toward my future,” said Bostock.

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