Students plan summer fun in Louisville

By Peyton Combs

As summer time rolls around and the school year comes to an end, students and many people in Southern Indiana search for fun and entertaining activities in the community. Between the concerts, theme parks, and many attractions, Louisville offers a wide variety of summer fun that everyone can enjoy.

“I spend a lot of my time during the summer in Louisville,” said sophomore Marleigh Torres. “My family usually gets passes to Six Flags, so I go there a lot with them and my friends. And Louisville has a great concert scene so it’s always a really good time.”

During the summertime, Louisville hosts several concerts and music festivals that draw in people from all over.

“I really love music, so I’m always in Louisville going to concerts with my friends. There are going to be some really great ones this summer, but I’m most excited about the Ariana Grande concert,” said freshman Alyssa Crowl.

Louisville has many restaurants that offer a diverse collection of foods.

“Louisville has a lot of really good restaurants, but Skyline Chili is probably my favorite because it’s the best.” said senior Olivia Appel.

There are many parades and festivals during the summer that pull people into the Louisville area and creates a fun atmosphere for everyone.

“My favorite is probably the Gay Pride Festival. We all get to come together and it’s always just a great atmosphere,” said senior Justin Sellers.

For fans of the performing arts, the city is a great place to enjoy theatre performances.

“I love going to Shakespeare in the Park with my grandparents. We get to spend time together and learn about old time performing arts,” said freshman Madi Brown.

The Louisville Waterfront Park and Big Four Bridge are places in Louisville that many people go to spend time and hang out with friends.

“There is always something going on down by The Waterfront,” said senior Destinee DeSpain. “The walking bridge is always really fun and it’s beautiful at night. They both just have a lot to do.”

Summer time is a great time of year for friends and family to get together. No matter what the occasion, Louisville is the perfect place for everyone to get together and have fun.

“I’m never bored when I’m in Louisville,” said Torres. “There are always lots of cool concerts and the food is awesome. I plan on spending a lot of time down there this summer.”


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