Choir wins state championship

By Connor Lopp

On Saturday, a cappella choir left school and went up to perform at Pike High School. When they returned, it was as state champions.

“Before we played, I was pretty confident then, but I was really nervous because we had to sing last and then when I walked out on stage and seeing everyone out there just really pumped me up,” said sophomore Maci Glotzbach.

They have been working for years to reach this level.

“We have been preparing since we were freshmen, from learning how to read music, blending, and phrasing,” said senior Bethany Smith.

Some students believe that choir director Angela Hampton helped in more ways to help than achieve the championship.

“The confidence that Mrs. Hampton had in our ability really provided us with motivation to perform to the level that we did,” said senior Jake Zurschmiede. “She made sure to remind us of our talents and prepared us daily, all while continuing to critique and perfect our program.”

All of Hampton’s teachings in and out of class same together to help them perform well on Saturday night.

“We were all really, really excited,” said Hampton. “They had just given an absolute stellar performance and we were excited just because the performance had done so well.”

The aftershock of winning is still settling in.

“It feels really good to be the first music group to win in a long time,” said senior Mary Hayes. “It was honestly kind of a shock for me, but we worked really hard this year and it paid off.”

Winning this title has helped reaffirmed the dominance of the music department.

“This event really shows the overall talent of music department,” said senior Erin Patterson. “With a state level concert band, a 26-state streak for orchestra, and a state titled choir, everyone knows FC music is a formidable force.”

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