Advanced testing stresses month of May

By Leah Scharff

The month of May is an exciting yet stressful time for students.  Sweaty palms and nervous ticks are brought out as a side effect of the intense preparation for tests and seemingly never-ending study sessions.  Students study and rehearse for weeks when getting ready to to take one or two standardized tests at the end of the school year.

FC offers an extensive Advanced Placement program as well as International Baccalaureate courses to any and all students who are interested.  Classes in nearly every subject are beginning to be offered as higher level courses and many students are taking advantage of this opportunity for improvement.

Junior Kelci Voyles is currently enrolled in the popular AP Psychology class.

“I decided to take the class because it’s a way to save money for college and also get college credit,” said Voyles.

Many students decide to enroll in the more advanced classes because of the benefits offered later.

“I wanted to receive AP credit so that I can have a head start in college,” said sophomore Evan Saylor, who is  taking AP European History.

Though these classes offer many opportunities, students must be able to achieve a passing score on the final AP test at the end of the year.  Like many other standardized tests, these exams hold high power over students and cause much stress.

Many students agree that the extremely close dates cause great conflict and increased strain.

Junior Steven Liu, who is also taking multiple IB and AP tests, said he also feels stressed out in the month of May.

“The closer test dates are, the more stressed out I feel,”said Liu.

Studying and preparation are needed for students to succeed, not only the class, but also on the final exam this month.

“I’m taking it one test at a time. I’ll study for the tests that are coming up the quickest, and wait to study for the others.  Because I don’t look at the tests as one huge entity but rather many little tests, it helps me feel not as overwhelmed,” said senior Hank Duncan.

Most students have been reviewing for the test all year and have their own way of handling the pressure, while also achieving their goal.

“It’s stressful to have to know things that you learned at the beginning of the school year, but I’m reviewing all of the notes my teacher has given me,” said Saylor.

The great opportunity of having many advanced classes offered provides students with more options.  Advanced classes in high school do come with more pressure; however, most students agree the positives far outweigh the negatives.

“I took these classes to test my abilities and to see how I perform against other students here and around the country,” said Liu. “If you want to challenge yourself, then you should take some classes.”

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