Cookie and coffee cart impacts students’ lives

By Skylar Neafus

Smiles spread across students’ faces as the cookie cart rolls into the classroom. They only ask for 50 cents, a fair price for two cookies or a muffin. This experience, as simple as it may seem, benefits both the workers of the cart and the people who bought the cookies.

“I believe that being a peer tutor has impacted my life. It’s the kids I work with who have really impacted it because they have showed me that life is just about making the best of every moment,” said senior Christin Miller.

The cookie and coffee carts are a new facet of all the work that the people who choose to be peer tutors put in on a day to day basis.

“It started in the beginning of the year in September,” said junior Caitlin Lloyd.

The experience of peer tutoring impacts the peer tutors themselves by inspiring them and making them feel like they have made a positive influence in someone’s life.

“Peer tutoring is a great experience. I love impacting another person’s life in a positive way and when they succeed I feel like I do too,” said senior Sam Fulkerson.

The cookie cart has benefited lives more than just intellectually; it has given them friends and people now notice what kind of impact they can make on others.

“I think the fact that they can walk down the hall and greet these people that have become their friends, has made an impact on their lives,” said Miller.

Junior Erin Foster agreed that social skills have improved drastically, especially in the kids’ ability to independently ask questions.

“The cookie cart has helped with the kids’ social skills a lot. They’ve learned to ask teachers themselves if they want coffee, creamer, or whatever,” said Foster.

Even though it is not as popular, the coffee cart is also new to the school, and like the cookie cart, it is available to students and teachers alike.

“They sell juice and coffee and occasionally donuts. We did donuts to raise money for the special Olympics,” said Foster.

Despite being very new to the school, the carts have become quite popular and an everyday part of the school routine.

“I’m sure it will continue because all the students love having the cart come into their classes,” said Lloyd.

Peer tutoring is an overall beneficial experience for teachers and students alike. The cookie and coffee carts all provide social interaction and smiles to students’ faces.

“I work with these kids because I like to think I make a difference in their lives because they have made a difference in mine,” said Miller. “I believe that just being there with them is enough to make a difference because everyone wants a friend and that is what I, and many other students, have become to them.”

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