IPads introduce new ways of classroom learning

by Garland Noel

Latin teacher Lesley Austin gives her Latin II a common formative assessment on My Big Campus for the current lesson. Instead of heading to the computer lab, however, the students use their IPads, allowing her assess students more quickly.

“It makes it so that I don’t have to use the computer lab like I did in the past,” said Austin.

For a while now, FC has been looking into moving forward into the digital age. The 1 to 1 Initiative brings electronics to students in the classroom, as students are piloting electronic devices, currently testing the IPad Air.

“I think they’re a good thing. As of right now they’re kind of an inconvenience, but as more support comes, they’ll get better,” said sophomore Sam Bossley, one of the students participating in the pilot program.

Though the device has been issued for one class specifically, students have been told they are allowed to use it in any classroom in which the teacher will allow it. Some teachers even encourage it.

“I just think that’s the way of the future, and that we’re going that way, and to try to stop that is useless. Encouraging kids to expand their knowledge of technology and to look for new ways to engage them in learning, I think, is a good idea,” said history teacher Todd Sturgeon.

Some students are even using the devices at home in a personal way. Junior Taylor McBride has been using the IPAD for recreation as well as school work.

“I downloaded some free games on it and I usually play on it while I’m at home,” said McBride.

Some teachers express concerns about the expansion of IPad use to the rest of the school because of current issues with the network, like English teacher Tim Romig.

“I just hope that before we start anything drastic we have all the kinks worked out. Sometimes I know, just by using my computer, that things go really slow or they don’t work at all. I just hope that by the time they’re letting everyone use it things are going really smooth,” said Romig.

Others however, are happy with the progress FC is making towards the “way of the future.”

“I think it’s good that we’re exploring technology, and that we continue to look for a way to expand that into the classroom,” said Sturgeon.

The school has still not officially come to a decision about the use of IPads, or what time, if implemented, they will be given to students, but some teachers currently using them are happy to have the opportunity.

“I actually really like it,” said Austin.”We’ve done several new things that we haven’t been able to do before in my language class, especially in assessing the students.”

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