Whaley honored at Dance Marathon

By Hannah Cheatham

Emotions run high in the gym on Saturday as students wait for the final Dance Marathon to be revealed. Principal Janie Whaley and senior Tyler Menne hold up a sign with the number nine colored in.

“Well I was like ‘I hope it’s an eight, I hope it’s an eight’ because I really felt like we hit our goal. So I’m standing there hoping it was an eight and then it was a nine. It was just over the top,” said Whaley.

At Dance Marathon last Saturday, Whaley was honored by past and present exec committee members with speeches. Also, she was asked by this year’s exec committee to hold the final number.

“It was exciting. I was thrilled. But I didn’t want to cut Tyler out because he worked hard so I made him hold onto the other half,” said Whaley.

Menne said it was amazing to be able to share that experience with Whaley.

“It was amazing. I can still hear her counting down from three until we finally lifted the nine. We worked so hard as a team all year and in those few seconds it all became worth it,” said Menne.

The exec committee chose to honor Whaley because of all her support to them.

“She has done so much for us over these past five years that we decided it was the least we could do to show our appreciation for all she has helped us accomplish,” said Menne.

Senior Grant Vellinger agreed with Menne.

“She’s done so much for Floyd Central Dance Marathon every single year. She’s always been our biggest supporter and so we all felt she deserved it. She’s supported us and donated extremely generous amounts every year,” said Vellinger.

This year Whaley did a Twitter campaign and ended up donating $428 to Dance Marathon. If it was not for Whaley, Dance Marathon may not have been started at Floyd Central.

“When I took over Student Council five years ago, Mrs. Whaley asked me to look into this thing called Dance Marathon. At the time, I had no idea what it was, so I took the Student Council officers up to a conference at Riley the next month to learn about it. From that moment on, we knew that Floyd Central had to have a dance marathon. If it wasn’t for Mrs. Whaley, we wouldn’t have a dance marathon,” said FCDM co-chair Tiffany Stansbury. “We decided earlier this year that as part of our five year celebration, we wanted to honor her for all of her support. Last week I approached exec about the idea of Mrs. Whaley holding up the last number and they were all for it. Even though it’s a huge honor for them to hold that last number, they knew she was the most deserving person to hold it.”


Principal Janie Whaley and senior Tyler Menne hold up the sign revealing the final total of $94,867.62 raised for Riley Children's Hospital.
Principal Janie Whaley and senior Tyler Menne hold up the sign revealing the final total of $94,867.62 raised for Riley Children’s Hospital. Photo by Hannah Cheatham.


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