Radio/TV covers FCDM on live television

By Nika Chin

Since 11 a.m. today, the Radio/TV staff has been preparing the coverage of Floyd Central Dance Marathon (FCDM) and has been broadcasting today on televisions around the school as well as on live TV.

Senior and Radio/TV director Grant Oldham said the 50 students that are covering the event all eight hours are doing a variety of works to cover FCDM.

“We’re filming many camera shots, shooting from all angles, and additionally we’re posting footage on live stream and TV stations,” said Oldham.

English teacher Anne Martin is one of the four FCDM sponsors. She has taken this opportunity to broadcast this event on live television.

“We came up with the idea to go live last year,” said Martin. “Someone who works in the broadcasting department introduced the idea last year and said it can easily be done, so I shared it with Radio/TV this year.”

Martin hoped that going live will influence those at home to donate money to Riley’s Children’s Hospital after seeing the live coverage of what the students have done to raise money themselves.

“It gets the word out about FCDM for those who cannot be here,” said Martin.

Senior Jordyn Boling, a morale committee member, said that the broadcasting of FCDM is very effective because it has reached those following FCDM on social media.

“I think it’s great what our school has come up with to raise money. Not only are students involved, but so is the rest of the community that’s tuned in to watch it from home,” said Boling. “My family and friends have watched and shared this on Facebook, so I know what Radio/TV is doing is effective.”

Junior Erin Keenan said there is an advertisement that shows people how to donate online or by text message.

“Showing people what is happening at FCDM and running an advertisement at the bottom of the screen to show people how to donate from home makes them feel connected and that they are making a difference,” said Keenan.

Sophomore Alleson Estar said she is impressed with the coverage that Radio/TV has done for FCDM.

“It gives others insight about what is going on here and I think it’s incredible that we’re able to inform them of this event. I feel so proud of my school,” said Estar.

Additional reporting by Jonathan Blaylock.

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