FCDM members reflect on highlights of event

By Quinn Fitzgerald

Palm trees are deflated, posters are peeled off the walls, and FC is transformed back to its original setting. 

Floyd Central Dance Marathon (FCDM) raised a total of 94, 867.62 dollars tonight, raining in 32, 000 dollars of it alone tonight. It was the grand reveal that was the highlight for junior and Riley Relations committee member Lucy Reising.

“It was seeing that nine go up. I was thinking it might just be 74, 000 dollars and I didn’t expect us to crush our goal and drive it into the ground,” said Reising.

Parent volunteers and committee members stayed after to clean up the  the remains of Floyd Central Dance Marathon. As they were cleaning up, some of them reflected on the event as they stripped down the decorations.

Junior and recruitment committee member Tristan Barnes explained that cleaning up was no big deal for her.

“Really it’s all worth it. I don’t care how long it takes to clean up. I don’t care how long it takes to tear everything down because the night was so great that it really doesn’t matter how long it takes because we did it for the cause,” said Barnes.

Barnes went on to share how she thought the event turned out.

“The night turned out way better than imagined. I’m glad that we could really impact some lives here. I hope that we can continue that in the future,” said Barnes.

Junior and entertainment committee member Jill Grantz said it was really the process of getting ready and all throughout the day of the event when it hit her just how impactful FCDM is.

“It always seems to hit me the night before. On the day of the event, being on entertainment, you’re starting to see it as it’s being set up. Tonight, it was really the closing ceremony when we did the candles and held hands,” said Grantz. “That’s the moment when you see how everyone has come together and this isn’t just us raising money for the kids; this is us becoming a family as a school. That’s when it really starts to pull on your heart, and the of course, revealing the numbers, you just go wild.”


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