FCDM excites students in more ways than one

By Rachel Lamb

Floyd Central Dance Marathon (FCDM) has just kicked off, and students are ready for a good time with friends and are looking forward to experiences that will eventually be made into memories.

For some students, it is their first time at an FCDM event, and they are not sure what to expect.

“I have never really been. It is my first year. I just want to have a good time and be able to share what this event is really about with other people afterwards,” said junior Kyla Elbe.

FCDM is offering a variety of games, activities and many students’ favorite, over 15 different restaurants catering.

Sophomore Kayla Taff agreed with Elbe that she does not really know what to expect at FCDM this year.

“I think it will be a great experience. I am not sure what to expect besides a lot of activities and a good time,” said Taff.

The food that is provided for the students participating in the event includes Olive Garden, Panera, Taco Bell and many other dining establishments. It will be offered at times when Riley families are not speaking.

“I can’t wait for the food, it is easily going to my absolute favorite part,” said junior Amy Lee. “I’m not used to having so many different choices.”

During the course of today’s eight-hour event, four different Riley families are going to share their stories about experiences during long journeys with their son or daughter at Riley Children Hospital.

Students, such as Taff, are looking forward to hearing from the Riley families throughout the eight-hour event.

“Hearing from the kids and their parents not just during the event, but especially at the end is what I am most looking forward to,” said Taff.

Participants are also participating in athletic events throughout the afternoon, including a basketball tournament that concluded at 3:30.

“I think watching the 3-on-3 tournament is going to be fun with friends,” said sophomore Trey Yates.

Senior Michael Ater said this event would not be fun without his friends dancing by his side.

“FCDM is a stress release, especially while being with your friends,” said Ater. “I see it as being a party with your friends and finding your own reason for why to dance and supporting a family that really needs our help.”

At the end of FCDM there is a rave with lights, music and dancing.

“I am looking most forward to the rave, which is supposed to be the last hour of FCDM,” said freshman Kristen Engle.

Overall, FCDM has many participants excited. Whether they have participated in the event before, or it is their first time, a wide range of students are expecting the event to have a great impact on them.

“I’m leaving here knowing families are going to get the help they deserve through the support we have provided.” said Ater.

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