Dance Marathon utilizes luau theme to promote today’s event

By Quinn Fitzgerald

Seniors and committee members Grant Vellinger and Tyler Menne  rush into the gym with wagons full of leis, tossing them into the crowd of students as they continue to spread the Hawaiian luau vibe.

For the fifth annual year of FCDM, four members from the entertainment committee decided on the luau theme for the event, which officially kicked off at 1 p.m. today.

“There’s four exec members and they each come up with an idea, and then we pan those out and see what those look like in full view. Then we the full exec vote on those four choices. As far as decorations, we look at what it’s going to look like and what we can do different for Dance Marathon for each theme, so we play out each theme. It’s basically everything we think of during the summer,” said entertainment committee advisor Matthew Townsend.

Senior and entertainment committee member Sydney Davis was the one to come up with the luau theme. She shared that the most important factor in deciding the theme is how to attract people to the event.

“It’s what is going to get people to come. It’s what s going to get people excited and want to come out and supprt the kids,” said Davis.

Junior and fundraising committee member Kristen Burger shared how the price of decorations plays a big role in deciding what theme to run with.

“We want to think about what’s best for everybody so that they can go out and get stuff. We want to think about the price of stuff and how much everythng will cost regarding the theme,” said Burger.

Townsend explained that the theme was used for promoting the event and to inform everyone of the theme leading up to the event.

“We tried to use the theme throughout the year for each event so that people knew that the luau theme was coming up,” said Townsend.

Senior and entertainment committee member Garry Posey shared how the theme also affects the slogan and that it’s important to keep in mind how the theme should bring about excitement from everyone.

“Really what we go for with themes is to pick a theme cator our slogan around the kids. We focus on something that everyone will love and something we enjoy ourselves and that we find exciting,” said Posey.

It is the first time participating in the event for sophomore Alleson Estar, who expressed how the decorations and set up makes it all the more fun to be attending.

“I think it’s a cool theme. I’ve never done it [FCDM]  before but I like that there’s a lot of people coming together for the same cause. It’s really energetic,” said Estar.

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