Dazzlers prepare for National Championships in Orlando, Florida

By Ashton Beck

In 2003, the Dazzlers began their consecutive wins at the UDA National Championship in Orlando, Florida. All the way to 2011, they won in the Pom division, but in 2012 it was the first time they double-titled in both pom and hip-hop.

“It was the most amazing experience I have ever been apart of. When they called our name out in first place my mind was blown. it was very surreal. It was nice knowing that all of our hard work had paid off,” said senior Taylor Neagle.

Although they had a dominating year, the year following arose a different mood. In 2013, the team placed second in pom and sixth in hip-hop breaking their unbeatable streak.

“It was really hard for us because we worked so hard all year, but it also helped us in the long run to go back and fight to get the title,” said Neagle.

Last year the girls redeemed themselves and placed first in the hip-hop division.

“No one can really understand what it is like but us. Knowing that all the sweat, blood, practices, tears and hard work all year was worth it, and there is just no better feeling. Also to know that I got to be a part of the legendary program of Dazzlers and getting to bring back such a hard title to claim was such an amazing experience,” said sophomore Maddy Robinson.

This year the team is determined to bring back both titles and working hard to get their white champion jackets.

“We are working absolutely to our full potential. We practice everyday and are pushing it past our limits,” said Robinson. One main goal Robinson has her eye on is getting back that Pom title and keeping the Hip Hop.

To make it happen, the girls are working harder than in the past.

“We are practicing extra, having morning practices. Sometimes even night practices and we clean our routines more,” said senior Kayleigh Brewer.

Brewer said that she thinks they are very prepared but still have a lot of work to do.

Since they still have time to perfect their routines, head coach Todd Sharp said they are right where they need to be.

“We don’t compete in prelims until a week from Saturday. If they’re looking perfect too soon, they’ll move backwards somewhere,” said Sharp.

The Dazzlers will be hosting a preview in the main gym Tuesday, Jan. 27 and will leave for Orlando Wednesday, Jan. 28. The girls will perform in preliminaries Jan. 31 and if they make it to finals it will be Sunday, Feb. 1.

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