Low gas prices provide benefits for driving to school

By Haley Palmer

Two dollars and twenty-nine cents. Two dollars and sixteen cents. Two dollars and nine cents.

Each of these numbers are gas prices from New Albany gas stations. The prices are the lowest they have been since 2010, according to USA Today. Many have noticed the drastic drop in price of gasoline over the last few weeks. While some believe the lower prices are themselves beneficial, not all of the advantages are obvious.

Junior Rachel Dever said lower prices allow her to drive to school more frequently.

“With lower gas prices, I have definitely been driving to school more. I would rather drive, but sometimes high gas prices can deter me since driving to school isn’t really a necessity,” said Dever.

Dever mentioned a few additional benefits of being able to drive to school.

“I’m warmer in the mornings when I drive. Plus, the commute time is significantly less when I drive than when I ride the bus, so I can sleep longer.”

Senior Kaitlyn Ford explained how lower gas prices allow her to drive more in the community.

“It has allowed me to be able to go more places because you get more gas for the same amount of money,” said Ford.

Government teacher Suzanne Moss, who lives in Louisville, said it has not had a significant effect on her driving because she is trying to reduce her environmental footprint.

“I wouldn’t say it’s had a very substantial impact, but I have tried to on the weekends park my car, and either ride my bicycle or walk where I need to go. I’m trying to minimize my global impact, my environmental footprint,” said Moss.

Moss admitted that despite her effort to decrease her driving, she does appreciate the lower prices.

“I mean, it’s definitely nice to pay less at the pump,” said Moss.

Senior Danielle Cato said the decrease has altered some of her purchasing habits.

“There wasn’t an effect on my gas buying, but on my other spending. It’s nice not to have to spend everything on gas,” said Cato.

Unlike Cato, Dever said her gas purchasing habits were altered by the price drop.

“Since lower gases prompt me to drive more, I definitely buy more gas.”

While the lower gas prices have affected people in many different ways, Ford said they are still reassuring.

“It’s certainly more comforting to see low prices,” said Ford.

Marathon gas station displays its lowered prices. Photo by Haley Palmer.
Marathon Gas Station in Floyds Knobs displays its lowered prices. Photo by Haley Palmer.

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