Winter weather brings potential car damage

By Leah Scharff

Along with the dangers that come with potential snowfall, the extremely low temperatures can also be very damaging to vehicles and their drivers.  Whether the car is an older model or otherwise, freezing temperatures are detrimental to the prime efficiency of the car and its engine.

“My car hasn’t started for three days,” said junior Layla Aemmer.  “I have to drive a different car to school because mine has been in the shop.  I don’t know the cause yet, but I think it is because of the colder temperatures this winter.”

Other students are having problems regarding engine failure with their cars.

“When I try to start my car, sometimes it doesn’t want to start.  It also stalls a lot more in the winter,” said senior Samantha Handy.

With temperatures decreasing steadily year after year, more and more cars are continuing having difficulties.

Many consumers have opted purchasing specific vehicles that are known to perform well in hazardous weather conditions or the newer models of cars, in hopes that they will live up to their expectations.

“I wanted a Jeep specifically because it usually does quite well in the cold, but it has had nothing but problems since September,” said junior Hunter Hampton, who has brought his car to Jacks’s five times already this season.

Senior Tanner Metzmeier bought a Porsche because he thinks it suits him best for such winter conditions.

“It has rear-wheel drive, so it doesn’t do good in the snow, but it has more balanced weight distribution with a mid-engine, which helps,” said Metzmeier.

Students, such as Hampton, have also had problems with the overall functioning of his car during winter.

“Just this winter I’ve changed spark plugs and insulators, gotten a new coil pack, rebuilt the alternator, gotten a new battery and new battery cables.  I think 75 percent of the problems are because of the cold temperatures,” said Hampton.

Not only do cars have problems starting and functioning properly, there continues to be a concern with the overall heating process of cars.

Although there is becoming even more advancements dealing with heating systems within vehicles, student drivers continue to complain about having to warm up their cars early in the morning before their trek into school.

“I have to start my car about 10 minutes early so that it’s warm when I get in to leave for school,” said senior Carly Stevens.

She is not alone in the constant struggle every morning. Many other students have the same problem, if they happen to park their cars outside over night.

“I’m not supposed to idle my car, according to the Porsche manual. It takes about ten minutes to heat up in the morning, which is passed by the time I get to school,” said Metzmeier.

There continues to be an abundance of car problems, especially during the winter months.  A variety of things could go wrong with a vehicle, due to the extreme weather conditions in the area.  Students and other drivers are becoming more aware of these problems and are beginning to make a change.

To see a map where cars can be fixed click here:

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