Magic: The Gathering club brings together players

By Amber Bartley

Dice are thrown across a cafeteria table and cards are rapidly shuffled. Planeswalking, casting forceful spells, and gathering troops of creatures are all activities that take place in the enchanting Magic: The Gathering card game.

One of the co-founders, junior Zach Thomerson, said the card game has practicality in the approach and method. He said the game requires focus and technique. Thomerson explained what the card game centers on.

“Magic the Gathering is a card game where you have creatures and you just play against other players. It’s really strategy based, so it gives kids a reason to do something and a thought process,” said Thomerson.

Although he knows the game well, sophomore Ryan Parker encourages people that have never played to join the club. He plans on getting his friends to join.

“I know some of my friends who could join. I have asked them, so the club could gain more members by getting the word out,” said Parker.

Junior Grant Dethy said that the club would like to go to tournaments around the area. He said that the members can possibly get Pro Tour qualifications.

“We want to start taking on tournaments in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Louisville. It will make us overall better players. Some of us could get Pro Tour qualifications. Pro Tour is where all the best players get together four times a year to play a game through multiple formats,” said Dethy.

While Thomerson, Dethy, and Parker are more experienced players, junior Sam Bulleit is a beginner to the game.  He said the group could use more beginners so they can expand their understanding of the game just as he plans to do.

“I joined because I’m a beginner to the game and I thought it would be a great way to become more familiar with it. I think it’d be great to have more beginners. It’s always great to have more people interested,” said Bulleit. “I’d like to gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the game while also improving my skill,” he added.

Thomerson said the game is certainly intricate. He said the game is a global, long lasting experience.

“These games get really, really complicated. It is a big deal.There are Pro Tours where people win millions of dollars. It’s actually the longest running card game in existence right now.

Bulleit said he enjoys the environment of the group.

“I’m a fan of the relaxed atmosphere and how welcoming everyone is. It doesn’t matter if I’m a beginner, I still feel like I’m a part of it.”

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