1 in 1600: senior Tylan Davis

By Alaina King

Senior Tylan Davis graduates from FC on Monday, Dec. 15, 2014 and leaves for Paris Island, South Carolina for boot camp in two months.


Bagpiper: Why do want to join the Marine Corps?

Tylan Davis: “The reason I want to join is hard to explain. I want to join to fight for my brothers and sisters beside me. I want to join to make my family proud and serve my country.”


BP: What is important to you?

TD: “Important things to me include hanging out with friends and family before I leave. I want to make sure they have everything they need. It is important to protect the people you love. “

Senior Tylan Davis talks with friends in the morning before school. Photo by Alaina King.

BP: What have you had to do to ensure you graduate early?

TD: “I have had to complete several online classes like English, government, and geography and get permission from the school and my parents. “

BP: What does it feel like to be the youngest graduate going into boot camp?

TD: “It’s nerve wracking to be the youngest. I’m scared no one will respect or listen to me. You think about most people still have at least six months to mature, I have two.”

BP: How do you feel leaving home?

TD: “I will be gone 13 weeks, but I’m not worried. I’ll miss everyone, but I’ll be with my new family. I won’t have time to miss everyone because I’ll be too busy training and getting yelled at.”

BP: What kinds of pets do you have?

TD: “I used to have flying squirrels, but now I have snakes and hedgehogs. I love my albino hedgehog the most because it is so unique.”

Senior Tylan Davis holds his albino hedgehog. Photo by Alaina King.

BP: What kind of relationship do you have with your family?

TD: “I am really close with my family. My brother and I like to hangout after I get out of school fourth period and play video games. My dad works third shift now, so I don’t see him a lot because he sleeps during the day, but I still cherish the time I do see him. My mom and I are really close because she is always there for me and has been actively supported my decision to join the Marines.”

Senior Tylan Davis holds his Xbox 360 controller while playing a game. Photo by  Alaina King.

Special education instructor Alison Davis and Tylan Davis pose for a picture together before school.


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