Building a summer body during the winter

My Half Hour Workout


*I do a small amount of reps. This is because I make exercises as slow, controlled, and strong as possible, keeping my body as tight as I can and focusing on technique and strength instead of amount of reps. This method is recommended by many fitness experts. Some prefer the alternative, but I believe slow, controlled movements make the workout harder as well as produce better results. If you do fast workouts, multiple the reps by 3.



My Ab Workout

3 sets


10 reps*


Raised leg crunches (bent legs)

10 reps


Vertical Leg crunches (straight legs)

10 reps


Russian Twists (raised legs)

20 reps


Bicycle Crunch

10 reps


V-Up Crunch

10 reps


Plank Hip Twist

40 reps



My Leg Workout


Glute Kickbacks (Straight Legs)

10 reps ea side


Leg Pulses (15:26)

10 reps 10 reps ea side


Fire Hydrant

10 reps ea side


Donkey Kicks (Bent Legs)

10 reps ea side



30 reps (15 reg, 15 sumo)


Lying Hip Raises

40 reps


Plie Squat With Calf Raises

30 reps


Walking Lunge w/ Bicep Curls

10 reps ea side



My Arm Workout


Modified Push Up (for arms)

10 reps


Tricep Dips (Straight Legs)

10 reps


Tricep Kickbacks

10 ea side


Dumbbell Bicep Curl

15 ea side



12 reps


Elevated Feet Push Ups

10 reps


Dumbbell Shoulder Press

10 reps



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