Health aide Earlene King wins Educational Support Employee of the Year

By Blake Dykes

A little over a week ago health aide Earlene King was recognized for all of her hard work and dedication to FC when she was named Educational Support Employee of the Year for New Albany-Floyd County Schools.

Each school nominated a support employee for the honor. King said principal Janie Whaley told her of her nomination.

“Mrs. Whaley came over one day and said, ‘Earlene you have been nominated for the person of FC.’ I was thrilled to just get that.”

Upon being nominated King was entered into a district wide competition held at the Education Services Building on Grantline Road.

“There was a very lovely buffet dinner prepared by the culinary department from Prosser. It was really special,” King said.

After the dinner the ceremony begun.

“There were 20 total nominated in the district from every school, even transportation. We were all listed in alphabetical order and were all presented a certificate. We had to shake hands with the (school) board members, and they called our names with pictures of us on the screen”

It was after all the nominees were read off that they called King’s name as the official Educational Support Employee of the Year.

“I felt very honored to receive that award, but I also felt very humble, because all of the other employees could have deserved the award.”

King’s job includes taking care of students concerns and physical needs.

“I have had CPR and First Aid training to just handing out band aids. I take care of daily diabetics, make phone calls to parents, give medicine as needed with doctor orders. My job is just any physical concerns the students have when they come in here.”

After 19 years of work with the NA-FC school district, King plans to retire next year. King shared some advice for the employee who will take her spot.

“I’m very organized and detailed. A person needs to come in here with organizational skills. They need to like people.”

King expressed how grateful she is for having worked at FC for so long.

“When you think of how many teachers have received awards and honors it really is a great school.  Just being with students is such as joy. I think the team work in the office, working with the staff and teachers, we all work so well together. You don’t mind waking up and going to work.”

Lastly, King shared some of her philosophy to being a successful worker.

“Be helpful, kind, friendly to every person who enters the health office, whether it’s parents, teachers or students.”


Health aide Earlene King  holds up her Educational Support Employee of the Year award.
Health aide Earlene King holds up her Educational Support Employee of the Year award.


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