The Album that got away: Outdoor Activities by Cyberbully Mom Club

By Karli Coleman

There’s something so satisfying about sitting in an old local coffee shop, sipping on a mediocre hazelnut espresso while the moon shines through the windows while listening to a local band play their mediocre sad songs rich in folk sound.

The album “Outdoor Activities” by Cyberbully Mom Club sounds like when shows or movies parody the entire “so sad indie/folk cafe” stereotype with really bad vocals, super basic instrumentals/songwriting, and lyrics that amount to “I’m sad, I’m lonely, I miss you, I love you, so sad.”

But somehow, the music produced by Cyberbully Mom Club is so beautiful in the most simplistic ways. It’s raw and relatable to any angsty teen like myself and just about every other kid in high school.

This album, as well as others by this group (Check out their other records “Hair Piles” and “Milo the Dog Speaks” if interested), are ideal for anyone going through their first teenage heart break. There are a variety of folk, raspy-voiced songs in this album that are my favorite to listen to when I’m sitting in Heine Brothers or Days Espresso on sad late nights.

My personal favorite songs off of the album Outdoor Activities are “I Oughta Go,” “Frozen Yogurt is my Favorite Treat,” “Pouring,” and “I Thought You Were Better Than That.”

Branching outside of the realm of the “Outdoor Activities” album by Cyberbully Mom Club, I also quite enjoy many songs off of their other albums.

Some other songs that I definitely recommend to people getting into this group are the following: “I’m Tired and I Hate This Song,” “Can’t Say I Wanna,” “How Do You Tell a Girl You Really Like Her Eyes,” “My Time’s Comin’!,” “Stubborn,” “Johnny,” “Guess I’m Not Much of Your Buddy Now,” “Depressed Roommate Song,” and “Cry Into My Hands.”

All of Cyberbully Mom Club’s released music can easily be found on Bandcamp and YouTube.

I haven’t been a forever fan of Cyberbully Mom Club, because they’re quite an undiscovered band and many don’t even know of their existence, but the moment I heard them it was love at first song.

Each album I love individually and in their own ways, although their sound doesn’t differ in each album. There are of course some albums that are better in my opinion, but all in all I enjoy their music and it’s calming to listen to Cyberbully Mom Club’s tunes at any time.

When I first listened to the album Outdoor Activities, the record soon began to grow into being my favorite album by Cyberbully Mom Club. The simple lyrics and the differing moods in each song bring happiness to my ears even when I’m the most down.

I wasn’t disappointed with any song on this album in particular, and I also like almost every other song by Cyberbully Mom Club. For the most part, every song by this group are catchy and enjoyable.

I have to admit, this album may not appeal to everyone. Cyberbully Mom Club, as a group in general, have a very peculiar sound to them that not everyone could appreciate.

If you like folk, soft and raspy sound with acoustic instrumentals and simple lyrics that come across as something beautiful, then Cyberbully Mom Club and the album “Outdoor Activities” would be appealing to listen to.

Cyberbully Mom Club is an extremely underrated band and Outdoor Activities is one of their most underrated records, but I adore this group to pieces, as well as Outdoor Activities.


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