Marching band anticipates sixth consecutive state competition

By Peter Hyle and Analise Book

160 students moving in one synchronized motion. 160 students creating one single sound. For the largest FC marching band seen in 20 years, this is the fifth consecutive year making it to state.

After placing sixth at state preliminaries, many members of the band anticipate state competition this weekend at Lucas Oil Stadium.

“I think we will do really well if we focus and do our own individual jobs,” said junior Hannah Bossley.

The many changes that this year’s theme has brought has created an air of anticipation.

“The theme is kind of wild this year. It’s called Distorted: Sound, Mind, and Body,” said band director Harold Yankey. “We’re doing bizarre things, things we’ve not done before. Things that people will have to see in order to understand what this theme really means.”

Though it is not an uncommon occurrence for the band to make it this far in competition, many students must still overcome the challenges of performing on such a high level.

“Marching in front of a big crowd and since it’s state competition a lot of people are going to be nervous, so they might mess up. That’s going to be our biggest weakness,” said freshman Kameron Cox.

They received sixth place at competition last year with their show Currents, but all students hope to do better this year.

“We’ve done fairly well all season but I know we haven’t performed up to our potential, so I think that is what we’re aiming for at state,” said senior Emily Exline.

Despite the fact this is their fifth year at state, many believe they will place higher than in past years because of their unique Distorted theme.

“We are better. We’re bigger and we’re stronger and we’re going to crush the competiton,” said senior Trent Powell.

The music selections themselves range in variety, impacting the members of the band in different ways.

“I think the selection is really good. My favorite movement would probably be Creep and I also like the transition into Bizarro,” said Cox.

“I enjoy the first movement. Being a music guy I like the way it’s written,” said Powell.

All of the time and energy that has been put into the show this year has helped to create a family dynamic amongst members of the band.

“I like how everyone is important and I think that is really emphasized in the marching band,” said Exline. “Everyone is important, not just a few people. We can’t do it without everybody.”

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