Former Greenville principal leaves nostalgia for affected students

By Karli Coleman

Once it was officially announced that former principal Harlan Uhl retired from Greenville, many former students and Greenville faculty were pained to see him leave. He impacted a lot of people’s lives and Greenville Elementary as a school throughout his 12 years of being a principal.

“Mr. Uhl was probably one of the longest lasting principals at Greenville,” said sophomore Kevin Holder. “He did a lot for that school.”

Uhl had a sentimental effect on many FC students that attended Greenville during their elementary years.

“Mr. Uhl was very caring and friendly.You could tell that he cared about every student and teacher in the building,” said junior Taylor McBride.

To honor Uhl’s work, the school proposed the idea of naming the school’s gym after him, and many were very enthusiastic about this proposal.

“He was a really good principal and he kept the school in shape,” said sophomore Nick Kruer. “He definitely deserves to have the gym be named after him.”

The proposal to have the gym named after Uhl was rejected due to school board guidelines, but people are still hoping to see the gym be named after him sometime in the future.

“Mr. Uhl definitely deserves to have a gym named after him,” said Mcbride. “There were a lot of great changes made to the school while he was principal.”

While being the principal, Uhl moved the cafeteria out of the gym and had a cafeteria built next to the cleaned out gym. There was also a hallway added that was extended to include more classrooms for the school.

“Two special ed students died at Greenville, and he actually took some of his own money and donated it to contribute to their memorials by the school,” said Holder.

Uhl was a very involved principal; he did not linger in his office very often. He was constantly walking around the school, interacting with the children, and checking on things constantly.

“Mr. Uhl was a very well-mannered, understanding principal,” said junior Reina Torres. “Greenville will always remember him.”

Uhl said he will miss all of the wonderful staff and students at Greenville, but that he knew it was his time to step into a new phase of his life.

“Being the principal of Greenville and being around students constantly kept me uplifted all the time. I look back with very fond memories of working with children,” said Uhl.

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