Connecting with our natural side

By Rachel Nguyen

People underestimate the power that nature can have over someone’s life outlook, mindset, and overall physical and mental centeredness.

So what is our energy focused on?

We spend so much of our time buried in electronics. The advancement of technology is nothing to disregard in our modern lives, but perhaps we rely too strongly upon it. How often are our noses shoved in our phones while life swirls in vortexes around us?

Take a step outside and let fresh air permeate each sense. Look at each color that is naturally formed and purely created. Human beings often need to indulge in their beginnings, to breathe the air that is untainted and fresh and to put a halt on everyday stresses. Pause the moment. Notice everything affecting us, each little tick of sound harmonizing in a somehow peaceful cacophony around us.

Take a few minutes a day to sit outside and feel the breeze. The whistling, whispering,  rustling, bustling, explosion of air that we hardly account for. Admire everything. Learn to admire the crisp patterns of the leaves on the trees, learn to see the thousands of blues blended in the sky. Watch how each creature is only concerned with surviving, yet appears so carefree — absorbed in its own life, oblivious to those around it.

Every living being is universally connected. Think about our lives, the people that we encounter. Each action creates a reaction, every decision affects someone else in some significant or insignificant way. This applies to nature too. Everything that is given to us naturally can be wasted or preserved. And this is true to people and nature as well. How we live our lives, regarding or disregarding the environment around us, affecting all that we encounter, falling into our eventual deaths, only to be placed back into the earth, recycled, and created again. We are a part of something larger–and that something is our earth.

This becomes more apparent the more time we spend outdoors. Go outside and stand in the woods. There is something enchanting and mesmerizing about being out there. Tree trunks surrounding, a canopy of leaves above–with no light except that which can peek through the ceiling. There are small worlds in each forest, a world that can seem untouched even if civilization is nearby. It is a strange and magical world.

So why have most not noticed how amazing this earth is? Why is it that when magnified and enhanced on a camera, everyday sights and activities seem so amazing?

Perhaps it is because we have lost the ability to see the beauty, perhaps we have resorted to a mere flicker of a gaze instead of astonishment or wonder. The first drop of rainfall hitting the pavement, the hushed rustle of leaves in the blowing air, the delicate kiss of dew on each blade of grass in the early hours. We take advantage of these moments time and time again.

Nature is endless, yet dwindling. While it lasts, we need to learn not to overlook its immensity. We are such a meager part of the earth, simply living and interacting, sometimes so unappreciative of the beauty that we are lucky to see.

Surround yourself with it. Cherish it. Love it.

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