First show of the season, Nunsense, enthralls audiences nightly

By Analise Book

As the curtains close to the first show of the season, so do the doors to the Little Sisters of Hoboken convent in FC’s rendition of Nunsense.

Nunsense follows five holy sisters as they attempt to bury 52 of their deceased counterparts after a tragic accident in southern France.

The leader of the five, Reverend Mother, has a vision that by starting a line of greeting cards they will be able to raise the money to bury all of their sisters. Reverend Mother sees the greeting cards as an enormous success and uses the money to buy an iPad and a Blu-Ray player for the convent not realizing four nuns are still in the deep freezer. The show spotlights the remaining nuns as they perform a fundraiser to give their sisters proper burials.

Admittedly, one may be hesitant to believe that five nuns can induce side-splitting laughter, but the women cast for these roles created incredibly unique characters that allowed the show to captivate every member of the audience.

One reason the crowd remained so entranced by the characters was the constant audience interaction. Whether it was before, during, or after the show, the nuns were constantly in the crowd making cheesy improvised jokes and embodying the nature of an impromptu eighties telethon.

Another detail adding to the hilarity of the show is the minimalistic set. Though it is very plain with few props and no costume changes it captures the hilarious spirit of the show. The play is set in a high school gymnasium during a Grease rehearsal. The stage is riddled with “Rydell High” signs and a soda shop diner booth which adds onto the eclectic feeling that the actresses worked to create.

The family friendly humor and diverse references (from the Sound of Music to newer films such as Jaws and Psycho) made this show a must see. This show is bar-nun the best opening musical of Floyd Central’s theatre season.

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