Students share excitement about newly-developed Waterfront Wednesday

By Rachel Nguyen

Summer is wrapping up, and so are the summer activities that Louisville has to offer.

Every month, from April until Sept., 91.9 WFPK and the Waterfront Development Corporation has sponsored a free event called Waterfront Wednesday.

At each Waterfront Wednesday, everyone can set up chairs and blankets to enjoy live music. Along with the featured bands, there are various booths and food vendors along the river as well.

Some students took advantage of this neat opportunity and spent their Wednesday evening at the waterfront.

Senior Madison Scott said, “My favorite part is hearing the live music and the fact that it’s free, so anyone can come.”

Along with her friends, Scott said that she really enjoyed the event and would definitely go again.

Waterfront Wednesday extends outside of just the FC community, too. Alexis Lete, a senior at New Albany High School, attended the last event as well.

“It’s like live music and festival kind of stuff,” said Lete. “There are booths and food vendors and everyone takes blankets and lawn chairs.”

Some of the teachers participate as well. AP European History teacher Donovan Robinson has made Waterfront Wednesday a tradition for both him and his wife.

“I enjoy getting outside and enjoying the weather,” said Robinson.

Though Waterfront Wednesday is mainly a summer event, there are still two more chances to experience the occasion; Aug. 27 and Sept. 17. WFPK’s personal website shares more about the bands who will be attending.

“My favorite thing about Waterfront Wednesday is the social setting it creates,” said senior Caitlin Fien, another attendee. “It brings people from all around the city and surrounding area together and everyone is just enjoying the company of others and the free music.”

Local music enthusiasts from across Indiana and Kentucky can join together for this summer event.



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