Good attitudes propel the day forward

By Rachel Nguyen

Back to school seems to be a time of dread for most kids in the modern day and age. To ensure a good year, there are a few simple ideas to think about.

1. Wake up everyday with a positive mindset.

Of course this is not as easy as it sounds. Most people are tired and groggy in the morning, and let’s be honest, it is difficult to wake up with a grin. But in order to wake up with a positive mindset, just breathe. Realize how precious that breath is, savor the feeling of being alive, experience every sensation and smile in even the groggiest state.

2. Maintain motivation throughout the day.

When motivation is dropping, try to think of little parts during the day to look forward to. Maybe it is a specific time during a passing period, maybe it is a nap after school, maybe it is a trip to the coffee shop. Having something to look forward to helps keep your spirits up.

3. Avoid complaints.

By simply avoiding any opportunity to slip a negative comment in  the day will automatically seem better. Most people do not realize, but every complaint, even the typical ones heard in the hallway every day, like “I’m cold. I’m tired. School sucks” can be a serious mood-killer.

Keeping these small tips in mind can help make for not only better attitude, but a better school year.

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