Students, staff share views on summer reading

By Peter Hyle and Christian DiMartino

For every student, each new summer break is accompanied with a new summer reading book. With the reading level for each book depending on grade and specific course, there are typically nine different summer reading books circulating throughout FC at the start of every school year.

“For the freshmen, we kept the title Med Head because it’s a quick read and it’s easy to read, which is essentially what everyone looks for in a summer reading book. I like this book because I think it gives students a perspective that they probably aren’t used to hearing about,” said English teacher Anne Martin.

Students’ personal opinions vary between their individual interests.

“I had to read The Knife of Never Letting Go, and for me personally it was a very boring read. It was too involved with the fantasy theme. Being able to hear everyone’s thoughts in the book was difficult to read and very unrealistic. It’s something I never would have picked out for myself,” said sophomore Savannah Conrad.

The main ideas behind the assigned summer reading books can be relevant to some students.

The Other Wes Moore has a lot to do with socioeconomic status [the total measure of a person’s work experience]. The book also covers the trials and tribulations of trying to grow up in America,” said English teacher Wallace Austin. “The book Profiles in Courage has a lot of history involved in it, which is useful because most students take U.S. history their junior year. Even though it was written almost sixty years ago, most of the ideas are still relevant today.”

Others enjoy the summer reading books for simply the story alone.

“My book, Great Expectations, was actually fun to read. It had a nice storyline about an orphan named Pip, and I just really enjoyed reading the book. It was longer than I’m used to though, which was a downside,” said senior Brett Yeaton.

A few summer reading books are chosen because they are the first installation of a series, in hopes that this will encourage students to continue reading more.

“This year The Maze Runner was assigned for the sophomores, and typically after summer reading a lot of my kids will blow through the entire series. I think there are four books in the series, and some of my most reluctant readers will go through all of them,” said English teacher Ashley Faith.

No matter what the opinion on this year’s assigned book is, there will always be another one next summer. “Summer reading is obviously an important way to keep the students engaged over the summer, and to make sure they are still learning when outside of school. Maybe in the future we can introduce methods of making sure more students actually read their books, because it really is an mportant part of every school year,” said Austin.

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