Turkey Bowl tradition ties together upperclassmen

Photo by Blake Dykes Senior Clara Shean runs the ball to score a touchdown.
Photo by Blake Dykes
Senior Clara Shean runs the ball to score a touchdown.

By Braden Schroeder

The senior girls huddled together before the game, with their hair poofed and their game faces on as they prepared for their last Turkey Bowl. The girls had never felt closer.

“We were all really close and we all had the same goal to win,” said senior Coral Portman.

After last year’s 46-8 win by the Class of 2015 she said that they felt prepared and that they could work well together to achieve another win.

“This group, you tell them what to do and they go out and execute it, no doubt about it,” said senior coach and math teacher Chris Street.

Although the seniors won last night’s game 44-14, the juniorsstill rallied in their first Turkey Bowl, scoring two touchdowns. The girls cheered together after every play, even towards the end of the game.

“We all bonded a lot and we all had a lot of fun together,” said junior Kylie Wheeler.

She grew up coming to Turkey Bowl and said it was exciting to be on the field and not in the stands this time.

First-year junior coach and social studies teacher William Russell said Turkey Bowl is important because it brings everybody together.

“We really came together as a unit; we had a tremendous turnout. I think we had over 60 girls sign up to play so I think that was the most unique thing about it and the way that they came together as a team and supported each other,” said Russell.

Turkey Bowl has been an ongoing tradition to help raise money for prom.

“I just think it’s a great way to start the year and get to know the kids outside the classroom,” said Street.

The game is something that many people get excited for every year and a tradition that people hope will continue.

“I think we have just been doing it for so long that the community really looks forward to it and comes together,” said Russell. “I think it will go on forever.”

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