Prom 2014 king and queen place a crown on senior year

By Rachel Lamb

As 12 seniors began to make their way down to the dance floor at prom on Saturday, excitement filled the crowd.  Only two would be crowned prom king and queen 2014.

Nothing was stopping seniors Seth Jenkins and Michelle Carpenter from taking away the title and putting a crown on a three-year relationship.

“I had been hoping it was coming, just because we have been dating for three years,” said Carpenter.

Jenkins agreed with her statement about their relationship.

“We’ve been together for long time, so it made sense to me.”

However, neither of them said they were expecting what was coming. It came more as a shock, when they heard their names announced.

“I could not really believe that we had won,  but it is an amazing feeling,” said Carpenter.

It came mostly as a surprise for Jenkins.

“It was a surprise for me for sure, and of course Michelle was much more excited with her being a girl. Most girls dream about that and all.”

Jenkins also added how he felt about being named prom king 2014.

“It felt awesome, I was so very happy on the nomination and I was even happier for her nomination. The nomination of the both of us really made it awesome. It was a great way to end senior year.”


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