Students discuss hopes for prom

By Melanie Parrish

With prom less than a week away, excitement is running high. Plans have been made, dresses bought, and the upperclassmen are ready to go.

“I’m going out to eat with a group of friends at some fancy place and then going to prom, followed by after-prom,” said senior Tiffany Bowen.

Bowen also went to prom last year, and said that it was the best night of her junior year.

“I hope I’ll have more time to eat the finger food at prom. I didn’t realize the unlimited access I had to a chocolate fountain [last year] and have regretted it ever since.”

Junior Morgan Schultz, as a member of the junior executive committee, is more concerned with other students’ experiences.

“I hope we get all the decorating done to look the best so everyone can enjoy prom to the best of their abilities,” she said.

Bowen is especially looking forward to seeing all of her friends in formal attire.

“Seeing people that you see every day in sweatpants at school dressed up like movie stars is always fun. I have a red dress with lots of shiny, sparkly things on it. It’s much heavier than my dress last year and has a slight train.”

Bowen also shared her favorite part of prom last year.

“The dancing was super fun, and so was taking all the pictures before.”

Schultz talked about what she looks forward to with her first year of prom.

“I’m excited for the chance to experience something new. Getting to hang out with your friends for four hours is always good too,” she said.

Bowen is greatly looking forward to her second year of prom this Saturday night.

“I hope that it will be non-stop fun, and that I’ll have to recover for a week from all the dancing.”

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