Deeper Life project empowers teens

By Rachel Lamb

With only three weeks into a Bible study that could grant teens a free trip to Florida, some are falling behind, while others are keeping up with the fast pace. By now, students should have completed three worksheets with review questions over the daily Bible reading.

Junior Bradley Montgomery has been one the few that has been procrastinating on the project.

“I tend to push it off until the night before the questions are due every week.”

However, most students have been keeping up the quick pace that this study requires. Some started on track and have only been falling behind recently.

“I started out staying with it, but now that I have other things going on, it has been getting harder,” said freshman Lexi Richmer.

She also shared how this is the first time that she has stuck with a Bible study for this long.

Many students beileve that this project gives teens a great opportunity. This not only includes the free trip to Florida, but also growing deeper in faith.

“This opportunity has given me an insight into Bible stories that I have heard since I was young,” said junior Jacob Huntley.

Huntley also shared that knowing he is one-sixth of the way to Florida motivates him to create more opportunities for himself.

Senior Timon Stermer has a different opinion on the opportunities that it offers him.

“Getting the chance to grow my faith through serving my community has to be the best opportunity that it offers.”

Through the many opportunities  that come out of this project, students are seeking goals for the next four months that remain of this Bible study.

“I hope to stick with it afterwards because reading the Bible is majorly helpful in a way to show your faith through yourself when you are a Christian,” said Richmer.


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