Columnist says goodbye to Class of 2014

By Danielle Sheally

Having two hundred brothers and sisters is a lot but in reality it can happen.

Every year a new round of seniors come in, and every year hearts get broken. The reason we get so attached to the upperclassmen is because we look up to the individuals. We create a bond that can be everlasting because some of these students have been with us through a lot of ups and downs throughout high school. We admire them because they’re about ready to start their journey in the next part of their lives but, we have only begun. Every student wants to be in their position, about ready to graduate and leaving high school forever.

On the outside the senior class seems calm, cool, and collected. On the inside though, it is safe to say that most of them are absolutely terrified of what is to come. Underclassmen don’t realize it, but the seniors have hardly any wiggle room to make mistakes in their last year. We also don’t realize that applying for college if you chose that path, is like applying for a job. It can be so stressful because every college has different requirements to get into their programs, also it can be very nerve wracking to leave your family for the first time if you haven’t done it before.

The first day of our freshmen year is very nerve wracking because it’s not just the group you transferred with from middle school, it’s three other grades ahead of you that are bigger and scarier. Soon after, you start getting enough courage to start a conversation with them, through these conversations we start to see that are more similarities than we initially thought. These friendships that are made throughout the years make it even harder for us to let them go.

This year, I made bonds with three very special people.

Bryce Romig is very animated, he always comes into journalism class with a situation that some how he can turn into a gut busting story that can turn our day right side up. Another thing about Bryce is he’s very goal oriented, I’ve never met someone who wants to move to another country so bad that they’re willing to put in the extra work to graduate early just so they can get there sooner. He also has a way of making people feel so loved it’s incredible, this could be the first day you’ve ever talked to him, and I guarantee he will make you smile within the first five minutes of the conversation. We are all going to miss that smiling face around our halls.

This next person has enough spunk for everyone in the United States.

What can we say about Bekah Landers, well first if she was on Broadway every show would have her in the starring role. Second, her sarcasm is as dry as the desert, but hilariously funny. One time she made me laugh so hard, I could feel my stomach touch my ribs. Third, Bekah will try anything. The most important thing to know about her though is, she can make the most boring event into the most fun we’ll have all year. We will never laugh as hard or as loudly when she is gone.

Einstein had a prodigy and her name is Maria Murphy.

There’s a lot of words that could describe her, but here are the top three. Maria’s kindness goes far beyond anyone I’ve ever met. She would be willing to give up her whole life savings to help all the starving kids in the United States. Being a hard worker is a lifestyle for her; Maria stays up late many of nights trying to get all the work she has committed to done.  She always gives 110%. The thing I will miss most is her sense of what-ever-happens-happens. She could fall down a cliff, break her arm and be totally clam about it. Purple and gold will always have a special place in my heart.

Senior class of 2014, even though I didn’t get to know all of you I got to know some of you, and no matter how far you all go know that our family will always keep us connected.

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