A cappella advances onto state finals

By Peter Hyle and Christian DiMartino

This year, FC is privileged enough to not only bring their band and orchestra to state, but their choir as well. The a cappella choir specifically is looking forward to a challenging competition against 16 other high school choirs. Since the choir has not been to state in four years, everyone currently in the choir is experiencing this for the first time.

Many students involved have their own opinions why this year has been so successful.

“I think this year is so different from any other year I’ve been in a cappella. Right when the year started we were pushed very hard to come together and learn a 50-page song, an entire mass, and two solo pieces to perform with the Louisville Chorus,” said senior Nella Cox.

There are many factors that determine who wins in this Saturday’s competition.

“There are three judges at the competition, and they mainly listen for sound quality, rhythm, emotional involvement and those sort of things. Another big factor is our vowel shapes, which is the way we shape our mouths in order to produce the right sound,” said sophomore Henry Miller.

Everyone in the choir is anxious for their competition for their own reasons.

“I know that everyone in choir will give an incredible performance this Saturday, so I’m not nervous about that. It’s all the other schools we’re competing against that makes me really anxious for the competition,” said junior Andrew Mills.

Some students credit their teacher for all of the success that they have achieved this school year. 

“It is obvious to me that we wouldn’t have gotten this far without our wonderful director Mrs. Hampton. She is an outstanding teacher and she has really pushed me and motivated me more than any other adult I have met. I know that a lot of my friends in choir feel exactly the same way,” said junior Dakota Arnold.

Hampton said that the feeling is mutual.

“They really just work extremely well both individually and collectively. They get along very well, and they try to be better with each new day. This group has worked harder than any choir I’ve had in recent history. I’m excited that they get to be a part of this elite competition,” said Hampton.


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