Students share Derby plans for this weekend

By Bryce Romig

Every year Louisville hosts one of the biggest moments in sports: the Kentucky Derby. From sophisticated hats to luxurious parties, Derby is a big deal in the Kentuckiana area. High profile celebrities attend the event, along with the world’s top horse trainers.

Award-winning horses and professional jockeys make the races extremely competitive. This year’s favorite horse is California Chrome and is expected to be the horse with the most bids. Betting on horses is one of the many traditions that come along with this weekend’s big event.

“My family always votes for the horse expected to come in second place. You have to factor in previous races, temperature of track, type of track, how much the jockey weights, and past horse industries,” said senior Christian Overbey.

Along with the race come the parties and fashion. Many students take part in Derby traditions and enjoy the event annually. Families and businesses hold extravagant after parties the same day, allowing women to show off their high class hats and celebrate. Today, Oaks Day, is when female horses race.

“Although I’m only attending Oaks, I still picked out a hat. I’m going with my boyfriend and we plan on attending an after party,” said junior Hannah Enlow

Senior Tierney Flahtery plans on going out to dinner after the race.

“The family I’m going with usually goes out to dinner afterwards. Last year we went to DiOrio’s Pizza and did karoke. It was delicious and really fun.”

Derby hats are one of the many Derby icons. Women who plan on attending spend an extensive amount of money and time picking out the perfect hat to match their outfit. Typical hats are pastel colored and attention drawing. They have prominent features and tend to be quite big.

“I’m really excited to go, because I love looking at all the different hats and outfits. I also love the atmosphere and yelling when the race starts. I’ve gone the last two years,” said Flahtery.

Enlow shares enthusiasm about her own outfit.

“The hat I picked out is orange-creme, yellow, and blue. It goes with my outfit really well and im really excited to wear it,” said Enlow.

Junior Corina Watier also plans on attending and wearing a hat.

“I found the perfect white hat to go with my dress. They match so well.”

Tomorrow’s horses racing and odds:

1. Vicar’s in Trouble – 30-1

2. Harry’s Holiday – 50-1

3. Uncle Sigh – 30-1

4. Danza  – 10-1

5. California Chrome- 5-2

6. Samraat  5-1

7. We Miss Artie  – 50-1

8. General a Rod J – 15-1

9. Vinceremos  – 30-1

10. Wildcat Red – 15-1

11. Hoppertunity  – 6-1

12. Dance With Fate – 20-1

13. Chitu Martin -1

14. Medal Count  -20-1

15. Tapiture Ricardo -15-1

16. Intense Holiday –  12-1

17. Commanding Curve –  – 50-1

18. Candy Boy –  – 20-1

19. Ride On Curlin – 15-1

20. Wicked Strong – 8-1


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