Changing outlook provides feeling of gratitude

By Allison Werner

“I want this.” “I need that.” These phrases have become the norm in our everyday lives. Advertisements convince us to ditch what we have, and get the latest and greatest thing. My perspective changed when I picked up a peculiar little orange book.

Driving down Veterans Parkway one sunny afternoon, I decided to stop by a favorite of mine, Family Christian Bookstore. I cannot even count how many times I have been in that store. When I walk in, I go straight to the best sellers section. A book catches my eye called Enough by Will Davis Jr. What any book novice would do, I start flipping the pages to see if I would enjoy reading this. Laying the book down on the counter to purchase it, I never would have thought it could change my perspective.

The main point of this book is the idea of gratefulness. As I look around my surroundings, I realize I am very fortunate to have what I do. There are people less off than me that still enjoy the little things in life. Although I do not have the newest car or the most high dollar house, I still have these things. That just goes for the material part of my life. I also have to take into consideration the fact I have two happily married parents living under one roof. There are some people that do not know what that is like.

Before reading this book, I would use these phrases I mentioned above. I did not think of how well off I am and how I do not need these material things. Since reading Enough, my outlook has changed and my humility has gone up. I am not saying I do not want things from time to time, because I do. But when I start getting in that frame of mind, I think back to this book and realize how lucky I really am.

If I am being completely honest, before picking up this book, I was very selfish. I liked the attention on me and to have nice things. But after reading Enough, my attitude on this has improved drastically. I consider others as well now and put their well-being before mine. So much joy comes from giving back, and it took an orange book for me to realize this.

I encourage everyone to read this book and to hold on to what it says. I have learned so much from reading it and want others to experience the eye opening moment like I did. After thinking on what I have and grasping the context, I can finally say I have more than enough.

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